2010 Cain Concept—The Benchland

The 2010 Cain Concept has a long life ahead of it. Only now, in the summer of 2014, is it just coming around. It has a robe of deep, dark purple and the scent of cassis and cocoa. Its firm structure and refined tannins signal a long life. You can savor this wine over a long evening, or over two evenings and you’ll just begin to get to know it. Decant it and it will begin to tell its story. 

The best way to understand a winery and its vineyards is to see, taste, and experience its wine from a “difficult” vintage. Compared with many winegrowing regions, growing wine in the Napa Valley seems almost too easy. In most years, the fruit not only gets ripe, but our concern is that it doesn’t get too ripe. The challenging, or “difficult” years come along only once or twice in a decade. We have learned to enjoy these few challenging years, such as 2010 and 2011, where we have the opportunity to test our reflexes and demonstrate the value of the vineyards with which we have the honor to work. Not only was 2010 a relatively cool year, punctuated by rain in late October, but the yields were also meager. One might expect a thin, unsatisfying wine. To the contrary, our 2010 Cain Concept is wonderful!

Cabernet Sauvignon 80%   Merlot 10%
Cabernet Franc 9%   Petit Verdot 1%

Napa Valley

Release date:
September 1, 2014


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