Cain Wines Available to New Customers



2009 Cain Five

The Cain Five is utterly unique, distinctive in both aroma and taste, and reflects our estate Vineyard atop Spring Mountain.

750 ml | $125.00


2009 Cain Concept—The Benchland

The core of our Cain Concept—The Benchland is Cabernet Sauvignon from the classical "benchlands" of the Napa Valley.

750 ml | $60.00


NV10 Cain Cuvée

Cain Cuvée is the most eclectic of our blends. Vibrant and versatile with a wide range of foods, it is a blend of four varieties and two vintages: 2010 and 2009. Drawing from specific vineyards, both mountain and valley, we strive to compose a wine of aromatic complexity that is truly silky and sits lightly and refreshingly on the palate.

750 ml | $34.00