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2011 Cain Five

The 2011 vintage is not about power, but about a silky, flowing palate and a gentle, lingering finish. The wine is not opaque—it has a beautiful deep garnet hue. While we always say that our wines are intended for the table, here is a Cain Five you can enjoy on its own. The delicate balance of the 2011 Cain Five is a revelation.

If you love Cain Five, you’ll want to drink the 2011—now or in fifteen years.

750 ml | $125.00


2011 Cain Concept—The Benchland

The 2011 Cain Concept is a beautiful, flowing wine that leaves your palate refreshed. It was a year for low yields and moderate vigor—which is to say it was a year for the Benchlands. It is the difficult years that reveal the potential of the best vineyards and demonstrate the choices we make. Experience counts.

750 ml | $75.00


NV11 Cain Cuvée

Cain Cuvée is the most eclectic of our blends. Vibrant and versatile with a wide range of foods, it is a blend of four varieties and two vintages: 2011 and 2010. Drawing from specific vineyards, both mountain and valley, we strive to compose a wine of aromatic complexity that is truly silky and sits lightly and refreshingly on the palate.

750 ml | $36.00